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Domain Name Consulting Services

Currently about 200 million domain names have been registered, with new domain names being taken at the rate of one every 3 seconds. If you've tried searching for an available domain name for your new website, you know that even an obscure name can be next-to-impossible to find. A good dot-com domain name is now considered by many to be a commodity, and the best of these names are being resold for thousands and even millions of dollars.

As developing websites is our business, we're very aware of the scarcity of good domain names. However, like buried treasure, good domains names are available for the taking—you just have to know where to look. Through considerable hours of research, trial-and-error, and networking with other developers, we have developed a strategy that combines numerous resources to consistently find premium domain names at affordable prices.

Domain Name Registration Services Pricing Information

Our basic Web hosting packages are designed to fit typical website installations. Packages can be tailored to your specific needs.

Basic Registration - $19.95/Year

If you already have a domain name picked out, we can register it for you. If you're not ready to go "live" with your website but wish to reserver the name, we can "park" your domain name for no charge for as long as you need.

Domain Name Keyword Search - $49.95

Special optimized software allows us to search for domain names and provide available domain names based on keywords you specify. Our Keyword Search includes up to three keywords in all combinations.

Domain Name Consulted Search - From $199.95

Our domain name experts will use every available resource to find the perfect domain name for your business. If the domain name you want is already registered but available for purchase, our experts will negotate the best price on your behalf.

Additional Services

Intelligent Websites has a vast pool of resources to draw from when assisting you in your domain name needs.

Additional services include:

Please contact us for a quote on your specific needs.